About Sarah Perring

I live in the South Devon area of England, an area popular for holidays and with some of the most varied landscapes in the UK. My area has a long coastline which is popular with sailors, fishermen and anyone loving watersports or just beautiful views. Devon also has the attraction of Dartmoor and Exmoor with their rivers and tors rugged terrain and an abundance of wildlife. Exmoor in North Devon is where you can find the highest cliffs in England and where the moor meets the sea with dramatic scenery. Devon is a most wonderful place to live.

My working experience started as soon as I left school and joined a publishing company, from then on I have worked within the publishing/printing and photographic industry. After initial training in photography I became a darkroom technician for 10 years before moving on to commercial printing I have been in the industry over 40 years. So I feel that I have a broad knowledge base and through my experience I have gained good eye for detail.

Most of my early photographic work was in black and white for publishing but the majority of my work now is in colour and I am expanding my portfolio alongside working as a photographer in the local area, providing area and interior photographs mainly for the tourist letting and estate agency market.